Check On Your Loved Ones


As summer approaches, it will become more apparent how many elderly live in homes that are not properly air conditioned. Extreme heat causes stroke, heat rashes, heat cramps, and exhaustion. The elderly can be much more susceptible to the dangers of extreme heat during the hot summer months. Because of this, decompositions are much more common this time of year. They could be more frequent due to the heat being a part of the cause of death, but the heat is also why they are discovered sooner.


Recently, we helped out when a veteran was found deceased in his home after a couple of weeks. With summer temperatures beings so high in the Poway area, the decomposing body progresses faster and can cause even more damage to the property itself. Carpet, vinyl flooring, and tow layers of subfloor all had to be removed when cleaning the home. Sometimes, in order to properly remove biohazards and bodily fluids, we have to remove flooring, walls, cabinets, etc. or the smell and hazards will continue to be present. Any smells that remain lingering in the air of the residence can be removed with our Ozone machine. 


It is so disheartening to think about this veteran who fought and sacrificed for our country remaining undiscovered in his death for so long. Check on your friends and family you haven't heard from in a while-- especially the elderly. Summer months present a completely different set of dangers than the colder months. We should all be checking on our loved ones more often and making sure their air conditioners are working properly. Many elderly are too proud to call their families and admit they are living in the sweltering heat, either due to lack of funds to pay the higher bill, or because they aren't able to call the HVAC company to come fix their unit. Just like Bio-One Poway, your loved ones are just a phone call away!


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