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The Truth About Bleach and Mold: Why You Shouldn't Mix Them

Mold is a common problem in homes and businesses, and many people turn to bleach as a solution. It’s widely known that bleach is a powerful disinfectant, but it’s not the best solution for moisture problems. In fact, when bleach is mixed with mold, the results can be dangerous. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the truth about bleach and mold and why you shouldn’t mix them. Read on to learn more!

Bleach doesn't remove the root cause of mold growth

Firstly, bleach is not an effective solution for mold. While it can kill mold on non-porous surfaces, it can’t penetrate porous surfaces like drywall or wood. This means that while bleach may remove the visible signs of mold, it doesn’t get rid of the roots, and it will quickly return. If you're dealing with mold damage in your home or business, common causes include:

  • Leaking or condensation on windowsills, walls, ceilings, or other areas.
  • Poor ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Flood damage to carpets, furniture, and walls.

Additionally, this mixture can cause the spores to release into the air, spreading the problem and making it worse.

Mixing bleach and mold can create toxic gases

When bleach is mixed with ammonia, a common component of mold, it creates a toxic gas called chloramine. This gas can cause respiratory problems, chest pain, and irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. Mixing bleach with other household cleaners can also create dangerous chemical reactions, including the production of chlorine gas, which is highly toxic. Never mix bleach with other chemicals!

Bleach is a harsh chemical and should be used with caution

Bleach is harsh and can damage surfaces. Using bleach on certain surfaces can cause discoloration, and it can weaken fabrics and other materials. It’s important to read labels and follow instructions carefully when using bleach, but in general, we don’t recommend using bleach.

There are products for effective mold removal

The best way to remove mold is to hire a professional mold remediation company. They have the tools and expertise to properly assess the problem, remove the mold safely, and prevent it from returning. If you decide to try to remove mold yourself, use natural, non-toxic solutions like white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to wear protective gear and open windows for ventilation.

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Call a Mold Remediation Company like Bio-One of Poway to help you get rid of mold

In conclusion, bleach is not an effective solution for mold and can be dangerous when mixed with other chemicals. It’s best to avoid using bleach altogether when dealing with mold. Instead, hire a professional mold remediation company or use natural, non-toxic solutions to safely and effectively remove mold from your home or business.

If you’re dealing with mold or water damage issues, our team at Bio-One of Poway is available 24/7 to help. Contact us today for a consultation!